It has officially been one year since I moved into my own apartment. Well, owned by my parents right next to their house, but it’s mine.

This is the first time I have a kitchen all to myself and no, I haven’t set anything on fire, at least not yet. I think that’s a very big accomplishment for my first year living alone.

I haven’t broken anything either. Well, the toilet paper holder fell a few weeks ago but that doesn’t count because it didn’t break and it wasn’t my fault. Last year I thought a million things would go wrong because I get spaced out sometimes, I drop things and my short term memory is no good.

My memory made and still makes my family nervous about some things like forgetting to lock the door. Because I know it’s possible for me to forget I always double and sometimes triple check all the doors and windows before leaving or going to bed. As for the seizures, I’m four years and five months seizure free so that hasn’t been a problem. I take care of my medication, taking it twice a day just like I have before I lived alone.

Sadly I can’t celebrate too much, I kind of over cooked my dinner tonight, but that happens to everyone.


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