This weekend I had a new project for my apartment. I didn’t think anyone would be in the mood to help me set it up on Saturday night when I brought the kitchen island home, but my stepdad, who I won’t name because he doesn’t want me to talk about him on my blog, was excited about the new toy.

We started putting it together close to 8 p.m , and at first I thought we wouldn’t finish that same night. I was tired from walking all day; I walked more than 11,000 steps on Saturday, according to my smart watch.

Every time we build something together we go through the same thing. As I try reading the instructions, we both want to do things differently. I say something goes here while he says it goes there. Sometimes I understand the instructions, but sometimes I don’t, sometimes he waits until I read him the instructions but sometimes he doesn’t so we put things where they’re not supposed to go. Then we argue until we decide to read the instructions again. Sometimes we are both wrong on what we’re saying, sometimes we are only right on half of it, and we’re so stubborn neither one of us will admit when we’re wrong.

In the end we have to accept we’re wrong and move on but it’s not easy. After and hour we finish things that should have taken us half an hour, but who cares how long it took us, we can both go to sleep happy knowing that we finished what we started.

Now I have an island I can move wherever I want in my small kitchen. It was originally  intended for a place to put my microwave but now I have decided I need the space for cooking since I really don’t have a lot of room to cook in my kitchen and end up cooking on the table.

I’ll find a better place to put my microwave later, right now I’m enjoying my island. I already used it to cook some hamburgers.


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