I don’t know what happened but I have this unexplainable pain in the neck, literally, my neck hurts. I’m sure it could be explained but I really have no idea what I did or what happened. At first the pain felt like I had hit myself from a fall or something. Then I remembered that last week at work I fell on my knees, but my neck had nothing to do with that. I still have some other theories as to what might have happened. Maybe I did something wrong working out or I hurt it while I was sleeping. Could be either one or both, maybe I hurt it while I exercised and then made it worse by sleeping in an awkward position.

At first I thought it was nothing and would just go away because it didn’t hurt that much so I did nothing, but it got worse so I got scared. I started thinking this could be something horrible but after I was told this is pretty normal I’m just annoyed. I’m annoyed because it hurts and I don’t know why and I’ve been trying to make it go away for days and nothing I tried worked. I don’t think if I knew what caused the pain would make a difference or make it hurt less but I would still like to know.

I don’t know how much this will last but I read you’re supposed to apply heat or ice to the area, take pain relievers and slow range motion exercises, all of which I have been doing. I’ve been taking Tylenol while I’m at work and I’m doing yoga when I get home but they only make it better for a while. Doing yoga is much better that doing intense exercises and I was lucky the Yoga videos I have actually have two routines for shoulder and neck pain. I have been doing those all week and I feel a lot better after I finish but the pain is still there the next day. I thought it would make it go away after a few days but it still hurts.

Today I finally got tired and decided to get something to apply heat and cold to my neck, I was told and read that that’s supposed to help. I got both patches and a roll on pain relief applicator. I have already used the roll on while I did yoga and I’m wearing the patch right now as I write and I feel a lot better. I don’t know if this will make the pain go away for good but it doesn’t hurt right now; I can actually move my head from left to right and up and down and I feel no pain.

I hope it doesn’t hurt that much tomorrow.





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