I have great news, I finished Christmas decorating in my house!

This year I got the Christmas spirit very early on; I wanted to start decorating on November 1st, but I decided to wait a little, at least till the middle of the month. On Wednesday I just could’t take it anymore and I took my Christmas tree out of the box and started decorating it and the rest of my apartment.

I don’t know if it was the liberty I now have to decorate how I want, when I want to or if I just really want it to be Christmas for some reason. I just know I knew where the box with my tree was, I found all my decorations and I spent all afternoon moving stuff around deciding where it would look better.

I didn’t know I had so many things, I mean, I wasn’t able to finish until today but I remember I had nothing last year so I guess between the stuff people gave me last year and the what I’ve gotten throughout the year, I’m all set. I had so many things on my dining room table, it looked like Christmas exploded on it yesterday.

As I kept finding stuff I realized I have three different sets of Christmas kitchen towels and I couldn’t fit all my decorations on the tree. I also have a singing tree and reindeer and I’ve already moved my tree twice to find the perfect spot. I already lit it and it’s really pretty, it would only be better if it smelled like a real one but I even have a pine tree diffuser and Glade air freshener.


I wore my Santa hat for the Thanksgiving lunch at work and everyone loved it, I don’t know if the remember I wore it all December last year but I will wear it again this December. Now the real Thanksgiving is only a week away, and I can’t wait to start seeing all the trees, lights, garlands and pascuas everywhere!



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