My second annual appointment with the neurologist was today. I’m always exited for these because I always have good news and he’s always very happy about how well I’m doing, but today, the tables were turned.

I was doing very well, he was asking about my driving and it was decided that I would practice driving on the weekends and not on highways, for now. I was so happy I felt like he was on my side and I really enjoyed the part he said about no one telling me what to do, until he turned to me and said I can’t ask for help with directions or what I had to do next. That was a big shock, I thought he was on my side but as much as he wants me to be independent, he also has to keep me safe.

We set a plan once again, but this time we will follow through, I will make sure of that. I can’t go back there and tell him I’m still not driving. I’ve been doing great on everything else; no seizures, always super responsible with my medicine and all the medical exams say I’m healthy. I just need that one last thing. But I’m glad he keeps asking about that, if he didn’t I think maybe I would forget and probably never try to drive again. He’s always on my side even for a second it felt like he wasn’t.



4 thoughts on “Slowly start again

  1. We are all so proud of you, Kiki. You are a very strong and wonderful young woman and you inspire me. Kiss Sandy and Indi for me. 😘😍🐕🐾 Love, Auntie “Titi” Mary.


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