After trying but failing to get everything ready weeks ahead of time for Christmas, I finally finished my Christmas shopping four days before Christmas Day. Once I had everything I felt like it was about time I started wrapping the presents.

As much as I hate wrapping presents, because I’m no good at it, I had to do it and I didn’t want to do it at the last minute. So As tired as I was yesterday after my mom did the unthinkable, we went to the mall at 3:00 pm on Saturday before Christmas, I decided to start wrapping. Immediately after getting the paper, scissors, tape and presents on the table I began to regret it. I hate wrapping presents!

I laid the paper on the table and I put the presents over it. I tried to see how to cover it with paper. When it didn’t work one way I turned it around and tried a different way; I did the same thing a million times but I ended up doing it like I tried the first time. The paper had glitter so in the end there was glitter everywhere too but there were no paper cuts.

Later I wrapped the rest in bags and tissue paper but I didn’t really know what to do with the tissue paper. It’s really not a science, I’m just afraid it will look like a mess so I asked for help and I was done in no time.

I’m done, I don’t have to worry about anything before Christmas and it feels great! Not having to rush into stores or stand in endless lines while still finding something for everyone is great.

I would really love to leave the presents under the tree until Wednesday, except my dogs will destroy them if I leave them there. So as pretty as my tree looks with all my presents under it, they really can’t be there until Christmas morning.


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