Merry Christmas! Even though I’m two days late in my Christmas post, I think you know by now that I’ll be celebrating until January, that is the tradition in Puerto Rico. But it’s been a busy Christmas this year, since the holidays this year are right in the middle of the work week.

But it’s been wonderful spending time with family and laughing so much with them. I had so much fun on Christmas Eve at my grandparents house, joking around with my grandma. She really is something special and I’m glad I can enjoy these and many other moments like this with her.

Because after the stress of decorating and getting presents are over, the greatest memories we have are singing and laughing with the family. This is what I look for at Christmas parties, no politics, no discussion, no stress, just enjoying the company and having fun.

And the fun is not over yet, we still have a couple of holidays coming in the next two weeks and there is more family coming. Can’t wait to see them and to enjoy the rest of the holidays.

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays too!


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