As of last night, Puerto Rico is in quarantine and will be for at least two weeks. The governor had to take these drastic measures to ensure the safety of the island and although this will be tough on our already weak economy, it has to be done for the safety of the Puerto Rican citizens. Other countries didn’t do this in time and the virus spread out of control.

We can’t leave the house but just because we don’t have to go to work it doesn’t mean we’re on vacation. Only the absolutely necessary jobs will require people to show up such as hospitals, police, supermarkets, pharmacies, food services, etc. Everyone else will be working remotely if possible and can only be out in the streets for emergencies.

The last time I left my house to get food and medicine was yesterday while we could still be out and the streets were empty. It already looked post apocalyptic so I thought today there wouldn’t be anyone outside but it looks like it was the opposite. There were people who went on with their usual business which is irresponsible. It is hard to believe that people would ignore this order and put their health in danger. Everyone needs to stay home.

It has only been one day but it hasn’t been bad, with nowhere to go I have no distractions and have actually been productive. I got up early, worked out and finished the blog post for my new job. It kind of feels like the old days before I got a job and stayed home all day except now I’m not the only one, everyone has to stay home too. I have no problem with staying home to write, but its just the first day, I don’t know if I will get tired of this.


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