Social distancing: Day 1

As of last night, Puerto Rico is in quarantine and will be for at least two weeks. The governor had to take these drastic measures to ensure the safety of the island and although this will be tough on our already weak economy, it has to be done for the safety of the Puerto Rican … Continue reading Social distancing: Day 1

Focus T25- I finished!

I'm happy to say I have completed the Focus T25 videos, all 10 weeks and I am alive. There really was nothing to be scared of, at least as long as you do it at your own speed and level. That's exactly what I did, I followed the modifier when I had to and followed … Continue reading Focus T25- I finished!

Workout videos vs. Gym

I recently made a change in my life, I left the gym I joined after I was done with my therapies. I had ups and downs at the gym, periods of time when I went frequently and really enjoyed it and times when I was bored, couldn't go that frequently and didn't really feel like … Continue reading Workout videos vs. Gym

You can

I found this first video a few days ago, of me trying to take a few steps by myself four years ago in November, 2012. Later I found this one, taken a month later in the same place.   I really don't know how to express how I feel every time I see … Continue reading You can

Eddie the eagle, another inspiration

The odds where against him, but he didn’t care, he wanted it, and he went for it. This positive, never giving up attitude, is what makes ordinary people extraordinary. A regular boy from England, who had always dreamed of being an Olympian, left home with a dream to be a ski jumper at the Winter … Continue reading Eddie the eagle, another inspiration

Never say “I can’t “

I love being able to see my whole journey in these past years, through this app.  My favorite are the memories from these past three years.  They show me this journey, remind me of the struggles I have been through and I can see how I beat every one of them. These show how soon … Continue reading Never say “I can’t “