Working from home is not as easy as we would have hoped but with the Coronavirus virus Outbreak we have to.

This is a little inconvenient for those like me who don’t have their own desk but still tried to find a comfortable place to work. You will finally find a place through trial an error at least that’s what I did. I first tried my very comfortable couch and that sadly did not work, I couldn’t concentrate and just felt like watching TV. I wanted to sleep in my bed, had no room in my vanity table, and could not concentrate outside in the terrace. Finally I found an empty desk in my parent’s house where I worked without distractions for over three hours.

You may not find your work spot immediately and it’s not necessarily a desk either, maybe the dinner table, kitchen island or who knows what other surface in the house or apartment works for you.

It can also be easier if you make your own schedule and stick to it. You don’t necessarily have to wake up as early, I wake up at the same time but try to keep sleeping, so that’s your choice. In your new schedule you can do things when they are more comfortable for you, for example I’d rather exercise first thing in the morning instead of after work so that’s the first thing I do after breakfast. I work after lunch but that doesn’t mean that I’m putting less effort into it.

Also, change your clothes. You don’t have to dress in work clothes but don’t work in your pajamas. Remember you’re home but it’s not a vacation and you’re not going to sleep all day. Also, don’t stay up all night. Go to bed like you have to get up an work the next day, because you do.

We have to go on with our lives and get used to this because we don’t know how much longer it will last.


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