I made it another year! I’m five years seizure free! This would be a great reason to go out for dinner to celebrate and we have on past years but sadly we can’t this year. The best and safest way to celebrate is staying home but this doesn’t stop me from being incredibly happy!

Five years may not seem like much but it’s a lot when you’re talking about being able to control abnormal activity in my brain. It’s something that sounds and seems so abstract because it can’t be seen but it’s there. That’s the scariest part, not knowing when it’s going to wake up.

It’s still there even when it’s under control but today, more than ever because right now it’s the longest I’ve controlled it since I was diagnosed. I love the feeling I have every night before I go to bed and I realize I survived another day without a seizure.

It’s nice to have at least one thing to celebrate during this quarantine. We all needed to hear something positive right now so I hope this can be a positive thing you hear today. I’m going to do my best to make it to six years!


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