Last week I wanted to paint something, anything really. I started with a bottle, when that didn’t work, I moved on to a coloring book. This weekend I went bigger, I painted my apartment walls.

It really wasn’t anything drastic, I didn’t want to change the color or paint the whole room, just a few spots. There were small parts on my walls that we missed when we first painted my apartment almost two years ago. Nobody saw them, but I did because I knew they were there.

The tiny missing spots on the wall weren’t really that big deal or what I wanted to paint, it was the orange brushes of paint I left on the wall when I painted the front door fence. Those were really obvious and since the day I painted the fence, I don’t remember how long ago, I said I was going to paint over them.

At first these was always an excuse and then a just forgot about it and never even tried to find time to do it. But then we were put in quarantine, if I didn’t find time now, I was never going to do it.

So I didn’t even give myself time to think about it when I woke up this morning , the decision was made, I was going to paint. Luckily, we still had some paint left over, which was something very important for this project. I got help from my stepdad setting everything up and began covering the first spots that were a different color and I took over from there.

When that was done he helped me find other missing spots around the rest of the living room and kitchen.

Painting these walls again felt like we went back to summer 2018, when we were fixing everything before I moved in. Even if today we didn’t do anything big like we did every day that summer I feel very happy we actually achieved something during this quarantine.


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