What a day. Today I left my house for the first time in almost two months. At first it was kinda scary but I had to go out, I can’t stay trapped in here forever and I didn’t go anywhere where I would be infected. I just went to my grandparents’ house.

If we wanted to see her on Mother’s Day weekend, it had to be today since we still can’t go out on Sunday in Puerto Rico. I had only talked to them on the phone or video calls but it’s not the same since I usually have lunch with them every weekend.

We took all the safety precautions like keeping distance from one another, wearing our masks, not hugging or kissing, and cleaning everything after we used it. It was only my mom and me so it was easier to keep our distance and we didn’t go into the house. We went in through the backyard and stayed there, under the sun for about three hours. We had lunch we picked up at a fast food restaurant on the way to their house, also in the backyard, away from each other.

It was so hot and sunny I think I got a little tan without intending to, which is good because I’ve spent too much time inside. I don’t know but if there was any coronavirus on anyone of us or any of the food or Mother’s Day presents, it died under the sunlight and heat.

It was so good going outside again, seeing my grandparents, and having lunch with them on a Saturday. It almost felt normal.

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