A couple of weeks before the pandemic hit and isolation began, I was hired as a blogger for National Insurance Agents. They are an insurance agency licensed in Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida which specializes in suplemental health, critical illness, funeral expense and life insurance products.

Since I started writing this blog I have been reading a lot on different topics relating to health insurance, like why it’s important to have insurance, information about cancer, accidents and the different types of insurance. There are a lot of different plans but these are just the ones I’ve been reading and writing about so far.

Writing for them has not only helped me learn a lot about what’s important when buying insurance and what to look for in different plans but has shown me how many different ways there are to protect your family.

Knowing how important having health insurance is and how much it helps in moments of need, I was happy to jump right in, start doing research and writing. Its been a great process of learning for me and putting what I’ve learned out there so others can find a plan that works for them.


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