Eight years! Who thought eight years ago today I would be, well stuck at home all day? Ok yeah, maybe some people thought that might be the case, but it wouldn’t have been for the same reason. I don’t think eight years ago anybody thought we would be quarantined and dealing with a pandemic. Who thought this would happen in 2020?

But if it wasn’t for the coronavirus I would have probably been out somewhere celebrating with my family my recovery from that horrible accident. Who would have thought that I would be working? That I would still be writing? That I would have two dogs? That I would have my own apartment? That I would be happy? I bet no one thought I would be proud of myself, but I am.

It’s not always good looking back at these difficult times because it just makes you sad and you can’t change anything, but it’s good on days like today. May 2nd will always be the day that changed my life and even if it was difficult at first, my new life got better. I can’t complain.


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