Now that I’ve had a lot of time on my hands, I have spent a little more time cooking. I made things I already know how to make, like brownies and I tried new things, like mofongo. I made mofongo twice and I still think I need more practice. It wasn’t bad, I ate it, but it wasn’t great and mofongo is always great so it’s missing something.

But anyway I made something awesome today, a piña colada, well sort of. You need a lot of things to make a piña colada, like coconut milk, cream of coconut, pineapple, rum, and a blender. Well mine didn’t have rum or coconut milk or cream or pineapple, but I did use a blender. I got a Piña Colada Mix and all I needed was ice and a blender and I was done.

It was really good, I felt like I should have been at the beach or in a pool instead of my living room but it doesn’t matter, it was so refreshing. Learning how to make that during quarantine was maybe one of the most important and useful things I’ve learned in these two months. I’m really going to need those skills and a lot more of those Piña Colada Mixes and a lot of ice to make it through this summer.


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