I thought I could hold on longer but this couldn’t wait anymore, I needed a haircut. It was getting pretty bad, I already had pretty bad split ends but I didn’t think about going back to a beauty parlor yet. I know they’re open but it’s still very risky. I’ve heard those are some of the most risky places for the spread of Coronavirus.

I didn’t cut my hair myself, I’m not that brave or skilled; my mom cut it. She offered and she had already cut her own hair so I trusted her.

I didn’t think about it very much, because I didn’t want to get scared and decide not to do it. I just washed my hair, pushed it in front of my face and tied it in a ponytail, just like I had seen in the YouTube videos we had watched a few weeks ago. The ponytail needed to be placed where I wanted it to be cut.

I was brave up until she started to cut. She cut the ponytail and, with my hair still in front of my face, she tied it again to get a bit that got lose the first time. Because my hair was in front of my face I thought it was already very short; I thought she was cutting a lot. And she was, she didn’t cut a lot, just the split ends.

My hair was already in layers and I was scared cutting it at home would make it even but the way we did it, with the the ponytail, it still has layers. I also wanted to fix my bangs, which I really didn’t have anymore because it was so long but I got them back!

Even if it’s not as professional as if they would do it in a beauty salon, you can’t tell because my hair is curly and I tie it in a ponytail every day now anyway. I don’t want to risk touching my face right now as I push my hair back and it’s so hot it actually feels better having it tied up.

I don’t know how much longer we’ll be in this but at least now I know I don’t have to worry about my hair. And for everyone else, there are a lot of videos on how to do this on YouTube.


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