At first I found it pretty weird that I was a pretty consistent writer during those two months in quarantine. I always found inspiration while I was at home all day yet I was out of it pretty soon after I started working again in mid May. I didn’t know what happened, why I had nothing to say anymore.

Now I think what helped me the most during those last two months was the silence. There was no rush, no specific time to do anything so I sat down to write when I wanted, no rush and no noise. Noise drains out creativity while silence is comforting and opens you to creativity. We all need a little quiet time in our lives, at least an hour or two every day, just to think.

This is why I would stare blankly at the screen and nothing would come to my mind when I tried to write during these last weeks. I couldn’t think. Today was different because I had no TV or music on when I started to write and there was no one around.

That fact that silence helps inspiration is true for all of us. I don’t know if it’s more intense now or I need it more now. Years ago, before the accident and when I was younger, I could write, read and study listening to music. That’s not true anymore, music is good for working out, cooking, cleaning, things you really need to make fun to be able to finish them. As for writing, I think I’ll try to do that quietly from now on. I spend too much time listening to music and watching TV during the rest of the day anyway, I need some quiet time.

Science Says Silence is Vital for Our Brains

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