Earlier today I got in the elevator for like the millionth time today to go back up to the offices. I was all alone in the elevator, we can only ride the elevator one person at a time now because of the Coronavirus, so I was all alone when suddenly the elevator stopped.

What? I couldn’t believe it. Just when I was finally over my fear of elevators, I get stuck in another one, ALONE, without a cellphone. The crazy thing is I always have my cellphone with me everywhere I go at work. The day I don’t have it with me is the day I get stuck in the elevator, half and hour before I can go home.

“Stay calm, they’ll get you out of here in no time. It’s not a big building, everything will be ok” I said to myself as a waited. I pressed the button that said call for help and I heard people outside so I thought someone had to be out there trying to get me out, but when I yelled for someone to help me no one answered.

I screamed, hit the door, prayed, kept pushing the call for help button and other buttons thinking maybe if it it goes to another floor the doors will open.

I had been in there for like 40 minutes when someone finally realized there was someone in the elevator and calls for help. My coworkers quickly come to the elevator and let me know what is happening outside.

After almost an hour they opened the door and I was able to jump down from the elevator to the floor, where one of my coworkers was waiting for me. When we finally got back to my floor, they told me to sit down, made sure I was ok before I went back down where my stepdad was to take me home.

I will think twice before getting in that elevator alone again, always have my cellphone with me and will definitely try to take the stairs more often.


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