I’m very proud to say that my grandfather’s first book was published today! This book narrates the history of chemical impacts Puesto Rico has suffered throughout the it’s history, has been decades in the making.

From oil spills, and discharges, to shipwrecks, and leaks, he narrates everything that has taken place in Puerto Rican waters, both what he saw in his long career as a chemical engineer and beforehand, and the impact all of these events had in the history of our island. These stories not only explain many of the things we see today but is also a tool to help us in dealing with similar disasters in the future.

I have heard bits and pieces of these stories throughout my life but I can’t wait to pick up the book and get the full story, from beginning to end and understand how it all changed the island. This is history of Puerto Rico, seen through my grandfather’s eyes and impacted by him too.

This book is in Spanish. It you are interested it is available for sale on paperback and ebook on Amazon at Breve historia de naufragios y derrames en Puerto Rico.


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