These days, if you get sick or have any symptoms of anything, the only thing anyone thinks about is Coronavirus. That makes complete sense to me because, what if you do have it? Well, you have to get tested.

So, after having a headache and fever, I went to get tested for COVID19. I was nervous, not so much about getting tested but about the results. I just kept thinking it would be so ironic that after I spent two months in quarantine in my house, I would get it now.

I got the viral test which checks a sample from your respiratory system with a swab from your nose. This test tells you if you currently have the virus. If you test negative it does not mean that you cannot get it, it means that you did not have it when you were tested.

I got my results back today and I am very happy to say that they were negative! It was such a relief! Turns out I had dengue. But this does not mean that I or anyone else who has tested negative should let our guard down. We still have to wear our masks and keep at least six feet of distance from others. The same rules still apply, just because you test negative does not mean you are inmune, it means you don’t have it now.

If we don’t take precautions we are not only putting ourselves but others at risk too.


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