This was an exiting week, I got another job! Now I have my regular job working at the coworking space, still writing the blog for the insurance agency and now I will also be taking care of kids and helping them with their online school while their parents are working. It is called shadow school.

This is a great help for employees during these tough times where parents have to find care for their children during the work week. This way no one has to quit their jobs to make sure their kids are getting an education.

I don’t have experience with teaching, just tutoring but I don’t think this will be very different. Their teachers will be doing the teaching, we have to make sure they are listening, doing their assignments and help if they have questions or if something is not clear.

The challenge will be that the children go to different schools and different grades so they will all have different lessons and assignments. Also, their semesters begin on different days and I think the school days begin at different times too.

On the positive side, it is only five children, who all know they have to keep distance from each other and always wear their face masks. Another good thing is that we have enough tables and space available to sit the children far from each other, probably divided by grade.

Wish me luck!


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