For a short spring break, I went away with my parents to the beach for the weekend, since it was a long weekend. I didn’t know what to expect because the beach is always very crowded during Easter weekend but I thought maybe this year would be different because of COVID.

It was very crowded this year too but it was less disorganized than it usually is. I can’t say that everyone was following the guidelines, but a lot of people and businesses were.

On Friday we found a spot far away from everyone and it was perfect because nobody came near our spot, they stayed near their boats.

On Saturday however, things were a little different. We didn’t rent a boat. We went to a regular beach. At first it was fine; it was a big beach and there weren’t that many people so everyone had their space.

But after we had our lunch, it got a very crowded and I got a little stressed out. We were outside but there were a lot of people and the distance thing was driving me crazy. We left quickly after that. It wasn’t fun or relaxing anymore.

I felt a lot better when we got back to the house, even if I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting there watching TV. I wasn’t stressed out about COVID anymore.

I know a lot of people have gotten the vaccine already and I already got the first one, I’m getting the second dose this week but you don’t know about the rest of the people at the beach. Did they get the vaccine too? Are they following the guidelines? My family and I have taken so much care this whole year, I didn’t want all that to go to waste.

But apart from all that stress, I really enjoyed my mini spring break. I broke my normal weekend routine and went to my favorite place in Puerto Rico.

And I finished week two of the second round of Focus T25 Gamma , while I was on my short vacation.


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