On Monday I started part two of Focus T25 Gamma. In my mind I was thinking that it would be more difficult right from the beginning just because it’s the second part. I thought it had to be different and tougher.

Now I’m on the third day and it has not been more difficult yet. It’s still the same as part one. On Monday it was difficult because it was the Speed 3.0 video, the most intense video of all. Speed is not really my friend and has never been. I don’t run very fast, I don’t drive fast and I take forever to eat, so exercising fast is not my thing. But I’m trying and that’s all that matters, right?

I was still able to walk with my dogs after. I din’t just walk with my parents and my dogs, for the first time since we moved almost three years ago, I actually walked my dogs. I was scared it had been so long something might go wrong but they didn’t pull like the used to or get too distracted by things around them.

Today the video felt like a lot because of the weights. I don’t know what it was because I’m using the same ones I always use but my arms felt a lot more tired today. I just wanted to stop the video but Shaun T says on the video that that means it’s working, so I couldn’t give up. I did switch to lighter weights for a while because my arms were really tired but I did not quit.

2 thoughts on “I can do it, I can stay focused

  1. Kiki, if there is ANYONE who can do ANYTHING that they set their mind to that is YOU.

    You are a walking, talking, jogging, working out, smiling and breathing miracle.

    My Mom (your great aunt) used to tell me that I was a “very special person”/“Eres una personita muy especial.” And so are YOU. You are one of my favorite people ❤️. And I wish I was half as strong and courageous as you are.

    Kiss the girls and the boys for me 😘🐕🐾.
    I love you and my Mom loved you tons.

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