I had a lot of ambition for today, as it was a holiday. Well, yesterday was the holiday, but it was Sunday so we got the day off today. Anyway, my plans were to wake up at eight and workout, but I just couldn’t do it so I slept until ten.

I did exercise soon after I woke up but I en took the opportunity of having the hole day to try to take a little longer to work out so I used the bicycle. I hadn’t done this in a while but it felt good doing a little bit more again.After that I went on to do the Monday routine which is the cardio video but now that I started the Ab Maximizer part of the workouts, I also had to do the Ab Track:10 video. It was only 10 minutes so it was ok and there was nothing complicated about it.

After that, the rest of the day was mostly cleaning the house and doing laundry. It wasn’t the most entertaining day, but I got a lot of things done and I kept busy. I didn’t rest that much either, except for being able to wake up late but I always like a change in my daily routine.

I’m happy because even though I spent the whole day at home, I like doing that. I had no where I needed to be and I did what I wanted and what I needed to do which was exercising and cleaning. I like exercising, I don’t really enjoy cleaning but I like having a clean house so I guess that means I like it.


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