I remember when I first learned about Roe Vs. Wade. I was in middle school and we were taught about the importance of this Supreme Court decision making it legal for women to make decisions about their own bodies and have safe abortions if they decided to have one.

After I learned about it, I felt safe because I felt like it was set in stone that if I ever decided or felt the need to have an abortion, I would be able to have a safe one. That was until they started talking about overturning it,but after a while I thought it would never happen. What kind of person would do that? Why would they do that? That was my right because it is my body.

This morning, it happened. I thought maybe I was reading the news wrong but I quickly learned I wasn’t and now all I feel is anger. I keep thinking about the women who have abortions, for countless reasons, which are nobody’s business but their own. How dare they make a decision like that about our bodies and our lives.

They have no right to decide what we women do with our bodies. Today that took away this right, what will be next?


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