This weekend two of my friends from college came to visit for a few days. Even though we kept in touch and I saw one of them four months ago in December, we had not spent so much time together in eleven years. However, this didn’t stop us from having great time and reconnecting like no time had passed.

We made jokes and laughed a lot, talked about our lives now, our time back in Syracuse and they even told me more about what happened the night of my accident (I’ll talk about that later).

I was so happy to be able to welcome them to my house and show them where I’m from. We walked around Old San Juan, went to one of the old castles, to the beach, a few of our delicious restaurants and even visited a rum distillery, Ron del Barrilito. They didn’t get to see all of Puerto Rico, but with just a little glimpse of this Island you can see the beauty.

Castillo San Felipe del Morro, San Juan, PR
Ron del Barrilito, Bayamón, PR

It was sad to say goodbye so soon today but it was the perfect weekend. I’m happy it went well and that my guests were happy because I was really looking forward to this, a relaxed, fun weekend with friends. I’m exhausted and have been resting all day but that just means I had a fun weekend.


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