It has been eight years since my last seizure. That’s 96 months,about 417 weeks, 2,920 days and over 70,000 hours my body has been working, along with my medications, to keep my brain’s electrical rhythms in balance.

Being seizure free I have been able to travel, work two jobs, and exercise at least 5 days a week in the past year. I got Covid but no seizures.

Looking back through my memories today I have seen my whole journey from my first seizure free year to today.

1 Year seizure free

Two years seizure free!!!

Three years!!!!!!!!!!

Four years seizure free!

5 years seizure free!

Vaccinated and seizure free!

7 years seizure free !

The things I have done constantly during these past eight years that I think are key to staying seizure free are:

1- taking my anti seizure medication

2- sleep 8 hours every night

3- exercise and stay healthy

4- don’t drink alcohol

5- attend every appointment with my neurologist.

Eight years is just the beginning, I’m looking forward to many more seizure free days, weeks, months and years.


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