Here is my diary from 2013.  I think the dates are from the days I wrote everything, not necessarily from the day they happened. There are parts in Spanish and if you are reading in english, I’m sorry but I do not want no change anything.  Hope you like it!


Yesterday was January first. It was beautiful. Today it was also beautiful.

La Parguera

Yester day I saw my friends Anne, Kate and Ruben. It made me really happy to see them and they brought back a lot of memories. I had not seen them since I was in comma.

Today I went to therapies and I have been improving a lot


Ayer mi hermano cumplia 24 anos. Fuimos a almorzar a macaroni grill. Fuimos con mis abuelos, mama, padrastro, Alex y Brian. Despues fuimos a que mi mama y hermano donaran sangre por que la Hermana de mi abuela esta en el hospital. La fueron a donar para ella.

My brother's 24th birthday

Por la noche yo fui a comer con mis amigas a PF Changs. La pase bien por que habia algunos que yo no habia visto todavia como Charlotte, Edith y Hector. Pero aparte de eso me sienti kind of alone because everyone is working or going to grad school and im the only one who is ging to therapies. I kinda fell behind all of them because im the only one who hast started he grad school yet. But that just motivates me to try to go back to school faster by doing well on the therapies and the other exercises.

Today I went to the therapies and was told by my therapist that I have improved a lot.

Well at my house later I did the exercises that they gave me, and others we have done but they did not assign them to met. Or just some that they didn’t dine me but I knew I could do. And later I was able to get up from the floor, go to mu bed and get up. Then I walked to the dinning room, clan up some of my food from lunch and take them to the kitchen. My mom would have gone crazy if she knew I did that by myself. But when I say I cant do something and want to do something I do.


I also went out to dinner with my dad, it the first time we have gone to dinner since I got back from Syracuse. We went to eat pizza at Faccio.


Today I was watching “Mamma Mia” while my mom and step dad went walking and my brother was sleeping so I was technically home alone. When I had to go to the bathroom I called my brother’s phone and he did not answer so I went to the bathroom all by myself and when I was leaving the bathroom my mom and step dad got home. The told me that I did the right thing.

Also tonight I started looking at my pictures from the past four years on Facebook. The brought back a lot of memories and I started to remember some stuff.


Today was 3 kings day. Today I got to stay home until we went to eat dinner at Bebeo’s at like 5 or 6. It was nice because I’ve been working really hard to get better and I have improved a lot very fast but I think I need to take a little break and just relax for a day. I used to stay home and not do anything all day but now its really hard to do that and I get it because I need a lot of improving o do and I have been improving very fast but now I’m tired. I needed a break. I’m glad I kind of got it today.


Yesterday I woke up in a hospital. I didn’t understand what happened until they told me. Then I understand I had a seizure and that why I dint remember and why I was in the hospital. I was writing, is stopped making sense to me and I went into a seizure.


Today I woke up and went to the mall with my family. I didn’t have therapies because I was in the hospital earlier thins week.


Today I just went to my grandparent’s house and I exercised while my family took down the Christmas decorations. The have an exercise bicycle in their house and I used it for 35 minutes. I also worked out at our apartment when we got home.


Today I had therapies and the pool. Also I saw Frances because she’s leaving tomorrow. She went to my high school, was on my brother’s class, we went to college together and where roommates for one year. We had a lot of friends in common.


Today I went to my therapies and afterwards went to the pool.


Today was also Las Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian in old San Juan. I went with my mom and stepfather. We were there from 11 to like 6 or 7. We ate puertorrican treats (bacalaitos, piraguas y pina coladas) and then when we were leaving we ate dinner. Today was a great day but im really tired.

Sanse 2013 Sanse 2013


Today I was able to walk by myself around my house, walk to the kitchen and do the dishes. Also today I was able to shower standing up. They put my chair behind me and my walker in front of me. It felt great not to be sitting down.

In my therapies they are really helping me to be able to do things on my own like I used to. I’m even washing dishes now.


I don’t remember if I wrote in the last few days. I’ve been trying really hard to get better and go back to Syracuse. I feel like I have improved a lot. I think that by this summer ill be able to go back at least that’s what I’m hoping.

Today I got the surprise that the article about my recovery was on the Internet. I couldn’t wait to see it in the newspaper. I thought well I went write on the newspaper yet but having an article about me is not bad. And its great having so many people behind me and proud of me.


Today I went shopping with my aunt, had lunch with my grandpasents and then came and exercised at home. Today my family got the newspaper because they wrote an article about my accident. A lot of people commented on it, liked it and shared it.

On Friday I went to the movies with my brother. When we were at the mall, my brother wanted food so we went to MC Donald’s. When we were there I saw two of my friends sitting there, eating. I had invited both of them to eat or go to the movies on Friday. One of them said she had to buy something for a friend, the other didn’t answer. I got pissed when I saw them there. I called one of them and I saw her hang up on me. I got even more pissed I yelled out cabrona. I think they heard me because she came over to me and apologized. She said she was going to call me later. That she doesn’t like talking on the phone when she’s with other people. I still think that was shit but we went to sit with them. The other one didn’t even apologize. Then my brother and I went to see Hansel and Gretel. It was really good.

Later that night a friend of mine shared on Facebook that my article on the newspaper had come out. It was on the Internet. I was really happy. The next day it came out on the newspaper. My stepdad bought it.

One Saturday I went shopping with my aunt. My grand oarents went too. After we were done eating at Faccio one of the waiters came up to me with the newspaper and asked me if that we me in the article. I said yes and was really honored to be recognized.

On Sunday we went to a meeting. That all I did all day and Im glad because I needed to rest.

Today I went to therapies and the pool. I ended up being really tired. But I have to do it because I want to go back to Syracuse this year.


Today everything went really well on my therapies and at the pool. Later I sent an email to the people of Syracuse because I got a confusing letter in the mail but I got a very good answer from them.



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