Please be patient while I remember

This morning I realized I talk too much, or at least give too much unnecessary detail when talking. These are details that others don't need or care about but for me are necessary, as I talk and retell the events that occurred I remember what happened. But I just realized this morning that people don't … Continue reading Please be patient while I remember



I just realized today that I have an appointment with my neurologist in two weeks. My first thought was "this is great, I'm still seizure free",  but then I remembered that last time I saw my neurologist he asked me why I wasn't driving yet and seemed disappointed in me. That was back in August … Continue reading Reminders

Remember, please

These past few weeks I have been taking some tests to check how much I have improved through the year. I have taken these set of tests twice already since the accident, and I haven't really felt very good about my improvement this year. I felt like I wasn't doing well when it came to … Continue reading Remember, please

2013 was a pretty good year, just look at how it started

Here is my diary from 2013.  I think the dates are from the days I wrote everything, not necessarily from the day they happened. There are parts in Spanish and if you are reading in english, I'm sorry but I do not want no change anything.  Hope you like it!  1/2/13 Yesterday was January first. … Continue reading 2013 was a pretty good year, just look at how it started