Christmas in Boston

I'll begin this post by sharing something I wrote last week but forgot to post. Yesterday I got on a plane again, this time coming to Boston to spend Christmas with Jose's sisters. This is a new experience because I don't think I have ever spent Christmas away from home but it will still be … Continue reading Christmas in Boston


Every 21 seconds- Trailer

Remember a few months ago when I talked about the upcoming movie "Every 21 minutes"? I have been wondering if it was really coming soon because I hadn't heard anything else about it. I finally found the trailer and I can't wait to see it. I know it will be tough to see that because … Continue reading Every 21 seconds- Trailer

Music can change your brain 

The way music affects the brain has been very interesting to me since the moment I realize music helped me concentrate. I would study and read with my headphones on listening to whatever came up on my iPod. I would listen to music as I read all seven Harry Potter books, as I studied and … Continue reading Music can change your brain 

Our second birthday!

Unstoppable María is two years old today! Can you beleive it? I still can't believe it, really, sometimes I think I started this last year, because I have had so much fun writing. I get reminders of old posts almost every day, both on Facebook and Timehop. This year I hope to bring more changes … Continue reading Our second birthday!

“I thought you were waking up early to go running”

I have had a lot of fun today reading some of the stories I wrote for class in college, a lot of which I had forgotten, some are true events, other's are fiction and others I think may be based on true events. I chose my favorites, which I want to share with my readers. … Continue reading “I thought you were waking up early to go running”

That one flashback that made it all real

You know that moment you don’t want to remember, that moment you never want to relive.  Well I had that moment about 8 months ago.  I have been trying to keep my mind off it and not go back to that moment, but as hard as I try, it just keeps coming back to me.  … Continue reading That one flashback that made it all real

2013 was a pretty good year, just look at how it started

Here is my diary from 2013.  I think the dates are from the days I wrote everything, not necessarily from the day they happened. There are parts in Spanish and if you are reading in english, I'm sorry but I do not want no change anything.  Hope you like it!  1/2/13 Yesterday was January first. … Continue reading 2013 was a pretty good year, just look at how it started

First memories of 2012

After i woke up from the coma, I was taken to a rehab center. When I left the rehab I couldn't return home to Puerto Rico until I got surgery in my cranium again, so we went to my aunt's house in New Jersey.  While I was in New Jersey I started writing everyday so … Continue reading First memories of 2012