When I realized I was accepted

 It’s old news, but I get so happy every time I see it.

This was when I realized, after the accident, that I had been accepted at Newhouse to do my masters in journalism.  I had gotten the letter of acceptance before the accident, but I didn’t remember.  I still don’t remember getting it, my reaction, anything.  I remember finding it after the accident.  I just found the letter of acceptance somewhere and I quickly told my mom.  I remember how happy I was and my mom’s happiness at seeing a smile on my face.  After all I had been through, this made me want to work harder to get better because I knew there was something great waiting for me when I got better.

This just made, and still makes all the hard work, fights with epilepsy, everything; worth it.  I just want to get there and show everyone what I have.  Seeing this is a reminder that I cannot stop.  I have to put my best out there and I will get to where I was headed before all of this.

I need to keep seeing this.

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