I wanted this to be a happy Christmas, but it doesn’t look like it when everyday I wake up seeing news about another mass shooting. According to the New York Times Daily Briefing, “Records show that, on average, there is a mass shooting every day in the U.S.”

If this isn’t alarming to U.S. citizens, I don’t know what is, and something needs to be done NOW. Don’t wait for the next government to do something, don’t think about it; this has to stop. We need gun control, not later, NOW.

We are all dealing with our own problems, but we don’t have to take them out on others. Where is all this hatred coming from?

Where is the love?

Where is this world that our ancestors built for us going? Where is this world we want to build for future generations going?

#stop #waitaminute #think #love #guncontrol #whereisthelove




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