Say no to guns

I have to keep going on about this because this is just a logical thing, don't put guns in the hands of citizens, even if they're law abiding citizens, or appear to be. You don't know whose hands the gun is going to end up, or where the bullet will end up. Republicans say carrying … Continue reading Say no to guns


Pray for Brussels

Today I woke up to my mom telling me to turn on the TV, to hear about what happened in Brussels.What? What happened?  She told me there had been an attack there. I watched and listened while I got ready to go this morning. By the time I left, they didn't have a lot of … Continue reading Pray for Brussels

Love and peace

I wanted this to be a happy Christmas, but it doesn't look like it when everyday I wake up seeing news about another mass shooting. According to the New York Times Daily Briefing, "Records show that, on average, there is a mass shooting every day in the U.S." If this isn't alarming to U.S. citizens, … Continue reading Love and peace