After I proved to myself I could work out with a lot of people around me, I went to the gym at probably it’s busiest time of the day, 7 p.m. Not only was it busy, but it closed in 2 hours, at 9, so I rushed through the routine, one exercise after the other without even a drink of water. This seemed to work, I didn’t even pay attention to the people around me and I was able to finish with a lot of time to spare before they closed.

I felt great and even thought I might do the same thing today, until I woke up this morning. I think I did something wrong or I rushed too mush because my back has been hurting all day. Thinking of going back today just hurts more. I think I need to rest some more.

But, even if I can’t work out today, the day wasn’t a waste of time. I sent an email to the disability office of the government of Puerto Rico (Oficina del Procurador de las Personas con Impedimentos) hoping they could somehow help me with the job search. But it turns out, they are just in charge of suing people if they discriminate against people with disabilities, within the government. Private companies have a separate office watching out for the rights of people with disabilities. I thought all that, private or not, was the government’s job, but I guess watching out for our rights is too much for them. Their help with the job search is just as useful as their help with therapies after my accident.

So after being disappointed by not getting any help when I finally decided to admit I have a disability, I continued my job search on my own. So far, no responses on the e-mails I sent, but they never get back to you in one day so I’ve got hope. Something will come soon.


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