I woke up very tired today, I didn’t want to do anything, but I had told myself I would clean today. The apartment smelled like dog, and it hurt because the dog wasn’t here anymore, he went home with his master yesterday. I thought cleaning and getting the smell out would make it all normal, like he didn’t spend five day here with us, so I started to clean. I cleaned the whole apartment, but as I cleaned I felt weird because I didn’t have any company.

While he was here, Robin was always next to me, following me around the apartment and sitting next to me. Even when I closed a door, he waited on the other side until I opened it. I didn’t feel alone for one second during those five days because I had someone to talk when no one else was here.

I never talk when I’m alone, except a curse word here or there, but I talked to him. I know he didn’t understand me and couldn’t respond, but I talked to him and sometimes he looked at me and barked. It felt great not being alone all day, having someone by my side, wondering where he was now, and even telling him Robin, NO!


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