I want to talk about another movie that really surprised me, Joy. I really wasn’t sure what it was about, people kept telling me it was about a mop, which confused me more, but Bradley Cooper was in it so of course I wanted to see it. It turns out that it’s not about a mop, it’s about the woman who invented the Miracle Mop. 

This may not seem like the most interesting story, but it’s  more than just an idea for a mop. It told the story of a woman who had an idea, a great idea, and she was able to make something out of her idea even though others didn’t believe in her. They didn’t think she would succeed, but she did, and all she needed was her mind and some courage.

This is a great lesson to girls and people everywhere, that you don’t have to give up because a few other people don’t believe in you, or if life doesn’t go the way you planned it. Life  will take twists and turns , but it will always steer you in the right way.

I have taken my detours but I still believe I’m headed the right way.

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