The odds where against him, but he didn’t care, he wanted it, and he went for it. This positive, never giving up attitude, is what makes ordinary people extraordinary. A regular boy from England, who had always dreamed of being an Olympian, left home with a dream to be a ski jumper at the Winter Olympics in 1988, a dream no one thought he would or could achieve.

I won’t say anything else about the movie because I want you all to see it, but it’s that kind of movie that just gives you hope. You leave the theater smiling, and whatever you were worried about just disappears. You are just happy for Eddie; his time came, so will yours.

Again, in this movie I was just worried about his head during those jumps, but that got all my other worries and insecurities out of my head. Being happy for Eddie got me to remember I can do anything. If he can jump from  90-meters (295.276 feet) high, and set a record for his country, I can be successful too. Just thinking about how high that was in the movie still scares me.

I can do anything, except jump 295.276 feet.


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