Is Strength Training or Cardio Better for Fat Loss?

This was interesting. I thought we could get those muscles from just doing cardio, and strength training was so we could lift stuff. Strength training always seemed like it was for people who wanted to be Superman, people who wanted to have big muscles. I was one of those who was afraid of having those big muscles, but now that I know that won’t happen, I already do both cardio and strength training, but I’ll take the strength training more seriously. Well, not too seriously, I have to take care of my right arm, but I haven’t had problems so far.

I must sound like I have body issues or something, talking about my miles walked, and now the gym routine, but I just want to be healthy, and be able to keep eating. I love food and I don’t like diets. And this has been part of my routine for more than three years now, as part of my therapies and recovery, and I got used to it.


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