I knew this day was coming, but I’ve had other things on my mind lately and I almost missed it, but it’s a big deal, at least to me. Today I celebrate the one-year anniversary of Unstoppable Maria.


It has been a year of testing myself, to see if I can keep it up, and I have had a lot of fun. I love the responses my posts get; I love when suddenly posts get an unexpected number of views, and likes. I can’t believe I have been able to get multiple readers for 239 posts, and 87 total followers, through WordPress and e-mail.

Unstoppable Maria has helped me grow, and has made me a little less fearful. If I’m afraid I just ask myself, or other people ask me, who are you? Unstoppable Maria.

I am not afraid of showing my feelings through Unstoppable Maria, or saying what I want to say. I mentioned before that Unstoppable Maria began as a test, but it has become bigger than that in my life. It has become therapeutic for me, and it’s not a test anymore, it’s a way of life.

I would like to thank everyone who reads this for helping me, and giving me the courage to express myself. Thank you for allowing me to learn more about Traumatic Brain Injury, Brain Injury, and Epilepsy; not only for me, but to help others by sharing this information and sharing my story.

This is not the end of Unstoppable Maria; it’s just the end of a year. I hope you stick around for this next year, and keep helping Unstoppable Maria grow. Now let the second year begin!


4 thoughts on “Happy 1st birthday Unstoppable Maria

  1. Yes, Anniversaries are Highly Significant!
    Celebrate them as you do birthdays! I always have and always will. This year is #20 for me.
    4-16-2016 marks my SurvivalDay20! I’ve named my blog survivalday416.com, because my accident happened on April 16th. It simply coincides with the month/year this year, as well.
    Treat yourself to something you truly enjoy today, but perhaps don’t normally give yourself.
    Be kind to yourself today.

    I must admit, your NAME has given me strength these last weeks… As I’m walking or doing something, I catch myself chanting #UnstoppableMaria and I find strength! You need to know this!

    I’m currently sitting alone inside my friend’s home in Nürnberg, Deutschland. I was en route to Amsterdam when Brussels happened. I only truly know what my wheelchair escort told me as she wheeled me from the plane, through customs, to baggage claim upon arrival in Amsterdam. Things were slower than normal. Meh. #ImSlowerThanNormal

    I’m still not scared. The attitude toward terror attacks is completely different in Europe than in the USA. I think my family was beside themselves (especially my father…. #AfraidOfHisShadow! #VeryMuchProGuns! #WeAreOppositeInAlmostEVERYrespect!) I’m posting this here, because I don’t think he will read my blog, and, if he does, I don’t think he’ll look to what I post on other people’s blogs as a comment.)

    Best to you.
    Take care,

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    1. Thank you so much Lisa! I now celebrate 3 days a year, my birthday day, my survival day (that’s a great way to put it, I’m calling it that now) May 2, and my blog’s birthday. I’m very glad to hear this gave you strength, it makes me really happy to hear that! Thank you soooo much!!!
      Best to you too and take care


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