Have you ever heard of application stalking? I hadn’t, I don’t even know if it’s a thing, but I think one of my cellphone apps is stalking me. No, really, I know I sounds ridiculous or paranoid, but it’s true. This app is supposed to be helping me, but it’s taking it to a very creepy and annoying point.

What am I talking about? Well, you remember the app I talked about a few weeks ago, My Seizure Diary? Yeah, the one I was very happy to find because it was a very good way to keep track of my medicines, seizures, or any other epilepsy related symptoms. Well everything was going great, I used it every few days, when I remembered I had the app, and  logged in my seizure free days. When I downloaded it, I had also marked what medicines I take and when I needed to get a refill. Now this is where the annoying/creepy part comes in. For the past few days I have been getting a lot of emails telling me I need a refill on one of them; it says I need them on the 26th. The problem is, I have gotten like 35 emails today, and they keep coming every few minutes, all reminding me I’ll need a refill on the 26th.

It is only May 19th and I’ve already gotten 35 emails today. There is still a week left, for when I need the refill, will I get all of these emails this whole week? If 35 emails since 1 a.m., and the day is not over yet, so I would be getting at least 245 emails a day, just from them. If this doesn’t say stalking, then I would tell everyone to sign on for this.

The emails come minutes apart, I’ve even gotten some two minutes apart. What am I going to do in two minutes? I’m not going to forget, who could forget with so many emails? And even though the pharmacy is close to my house, I can’t get there in two minutes. I can’t even get in the elevator in 2 minutes. And what if I already have the refill, I don’t, but what if I do? Will I still get reminders?


I’m going to have to delete my medicine information because it’s two much. I can’t tell them stop, message received because the email says don’t reply, but it also says If you have changed doses or times of medicines, please re-visit the About Me> My Medicines section to update your medicine information. I didn’t change anything, but thank you for telling me how to delete my medicine information from the  app so you can stop stalking me. You will not get any more information about my medications, you psycho app.



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