I don’t have any pictures right now to prove to you that all that I’m going to say now is true, but it is true and I will get proof, I just don’t have the pictures right now.

But today, I went with my aunt on a tour where we hiked through the forrest in Guayanilla, to Cueva Vientos (Wind Cave), where there was a piece or art displayed. I didn’t really get the art thing because if was just a light, but the whole experience of hiking through the forrest, seeing a few ceiba trees, and doing an incredible job not falling; or just falling once and not getting hurt.

It was a lot of fun and it was something very different for me, I don’t go hiking, but I was able to do this and make it all the was to the end. I will get the pictures as soon as I can to prove that I did it and to tell you more about it.

Also, my war with health insurance continues; now they will not cover anymore medicines, I got to the limit of what they would cover. This means that we will have to pay the full $700 for one of my medicines. I would pay for it, but I don’t make that much in a month.

This can’t be happening, it really can’t. We are paying for the most expensive plan and now they come to us with this shit?




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