Well, in the current episode of Health Insurance vs. Maria, I am very frustrated. After we found out that, because of my condition, I can still be covered by the same health insurance plan as my mom, we are trying to get me back in. In order to get me back in they need another justification from my neurologist, as if they don’t have enough proof that I have epilepsy, to let me back in. After we get that get it, to them and they approve it, who knows how long it will take them to let me back in. In the meantime, we need to find $700 to pay for my next dose, which I need by next week.

We have been moving today, trying to get all the help we can, I just signed up for Univision Farmacia, a service Univision has which offers up to 85% discounts on medicines. After I signed up, I found out they don’t cover that medicine. Vimpat is so new nothing covers it and there are no generic drugs, it’s the really expensive one, or nothing. But I’m still going to check if it covers anything else, any of the other 5 drugs I have to take, and if I can find any other way to find the money to cover the mess my epilepsy has made.


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