As I left class tonight I was very proud of myself for having payed attention during the whole class and very rarely letting my mind drift off. This has been something I am very proud of, as I think I mentioned during the last two weeks.  However, while I was thinking about this as I … Continue reading Lost


Cueva Vientos and the war continues

I don't have any pictures right now to prove to you that all that I'm going to say now is true, but it is true and I will get proof, I just don't have the pictures right now. But today, I went with my aunt on a tour where we hiked through the forrest in … Continue reading Cueva Vientos and the war continues

What is it now health insurance?

Everything was going great since we resolved the mess with the Health insurance, or I thought we solved it; but noooo, they want to mess with me again. This time it's not really an emergency because it's just Ritalin, but come on, do they want to keep messing with the TBI patient? Now they say … Continue reading What is it now health insurance?