Remember that hike I talked about yesterday? Well, I have the proof, I got the pictures from my aunt so you can all see.

It had been so long since a had been on a hike like that, in nature, not in a mall or theme park or anything like that; walking, in a forrest, with trees. It was amazing, I didn’t remember what it was like. But it was better than the times I went on hikes when I saw younger because there was a lot less complaining, and I don’t mean by other people, I mean me. I didn’t like it, I would get tired, I would complain because it was hot and I was sweating, because I was tired, because it was hot, how much longer? Everything bothered me.

I think I’ve matured a lot since the last time I did this because I didn’t complain once. When I fell I was just happy I didn’t hit my head, I got up and kept walking. We saw some honeycombs, which just made me think of Winnie the Pooh.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday.

Getting ready to start:

DSC00212With two of the group leaders who helped us make this long journey. See that light behind us? That’s art. And those are the helmets I was talking about. I don’t like helmets anymore, they remind me of a not so happy time, especially white helmets.DSC00297We got a pic of the beautiful butterfly:DSC00308

The ceibas:


DSC00248With Titi Marta, before going up stairs:DSC00343DSC00331

We had to take this very long stair case to get to the cave, and believe it or not I was the brave one leading the group up there. The hard part wasn’t going up those stair to the cave, it was going down. I slowly made it up and down those stairs.




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