I would like to take a moment to say Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers (who are also fathers so they get a double celebration), and other father figures, be it a brother, a friend, or uncle, out there. I am lucky to have a few father figures in my life who are always there for me if I ever need them, but I have to dedicate this blog post to my grandfather.

My grandfather is a man I really love and admire. In my opinion he is the best grandpa there is. We have a great relationship, where if I ever need him, he’s there, and the same goes for all his grandchildren, all 8 of us. I know he’s proud of me because people tell me and because people already know about me when he says this is my granddaughter. I know he’s proud of all of us because he always talks about his grandchildren, their names always pop up in one of our conversations, or he asks about them.

Abuelo hasn’t just done the role of, not one grandfather, but of two and but has also acted like another father to get us. He doesn’t feel sorry for me, or take it easy on me, he wants me to be a success, but he still wants to take care of me and see me happy. He gave me a job after I had the accident, helping him clean up his office before he retired, and he was a good boss. I know he wants for all his grandchildren to be happy, but I think he sees his four daughters in his three granddaughters’ eyes.

He was and still is a good father, always caring, and being there for his four daughters no matter what, and he has carried that on to be a good grandfather. Me, my brother and 6 cousins are lucky to have such great, loving and interesting grandparents. Just because I didn’t mention my grandmother before doesn’t mean she’s not another loving and very interesting character, because she is. I could write a book about them, which is one of my many book ideas.


2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s and Grandfather’s day

  1. That was beautiful, Kiki. You made me cry. Love that picture with your Grandpa. I remember when you were that little.

    As for your writing, or blog, I’m not an expert, but I have been reading all my life. I’ve read fiction, biographies, some of the classics, lots of poetry, silly romantic novels, etc. I always have and I’m always reading something. I love to read. It transports me to different places, I get to meet lots of different people, I travel, I escape my own reality while I’m still sitting at home on my “lazy boy” with my cat Esmeralda snuggled next to me. And in my opinion, you’re getting better. A good writer makes you laugh, smile and cry. She (He) moves you, makes you remember your own childhood, etc.

    Keep it up, girl. We’ll get that book of yours published one day.

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