I’m a soccer fan, not a huge fan but I like to watch the tournaments and I am in love with a few players. However, I had not been watching the UEFA European Cup or Copa America both being held right now. I really haven’t had time and that sucks, but this after noon, as I was doing some cardio at the end of my work our at the gym, they had the Euro Cup on the TV right in front of me.

I started watching as I walked, then I started running, then I started running faster, not taking my eyes off the TV. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I really didn’t care what they were saying, I just wanted to watch the game. I didn’t really know who I was cheering for, England or Slovakia, but they got my undivided attention just waiting for someone to make a goal. Getting me to pay so much attention is pretty hard sometimes, especially while I’m doing three, sometimes four things at the same time. I was running/ walking, but mostly running, watching the game, listening to music, and once in a while drinking water.

I would have stayed there until the game ended just to see someone win but unfortunately my mom called me saying she was there to pick me up. Once she told me she was there I thought they’re gonna start making goals when I’m not watching. In the end the game was 0- 0 so I don’t think I missed anything, but now I want to watch the rest of the games. Maybe Ill just go to the gym and watch the games while I’m on the treadmill, that way I’ll do something productive while I’m watching.


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