Last week was an exciting week for Puerto Rico, our own Monica Puig was the first Puerto Rican to win a gold medal in the Olympics. We are still celebrating this amazing moment, but we have to remember that Rio 2016 is not over yet, we still have athletes in Brazil giving it their all to achieve their dreams and to make us all proud.

Four of our runners were competing today in track and field for their chance to shine. Celiangely Morales completed de 200 meters in athleticism in 23 seconds, breaking her personal record. Grace Claxton, Javier Culson and Erick Alejandro are all competing in the semifinal for 400 meter hurdles.

Come on boricuas, keep showing the world what were made of! We are all very proud of our athletes and can’t wait to see more. Today I spent the whole day watching the Olympics, watching athletes from all around the world and I hope they all feel as proud as we do in Puerto Rico.

In other news, I’m starting to feel nervous because my class starts next week. I hope I can do this! Rio 2016 has kept my mind occupied so I haven’t been able to think about the class that much, we’ll see what happens next week when this is over and it’s time to go to class.


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