More Ritalin

My psychiatrist and I decided to test something this week, since I have been telling him that I'm very impulsive sometimes and I'm sleepy all day, every day. This, added to my concentration and memory problems make me loose my patience, especially when I'm at my tutoring job. While I was telling him about this … Continue reading More Ritalin

Wake up and keep fighting

IToday was one of those days when I was tired for no reason at all, not just tired, but sleepy too. I know I look like I'm sad or there's something wrong with me, but I just feel tired. There is no reason for this because I slept enough and I didn't do anything out … Continue reading Wake up and keep fighting

Confessions of a caffeine addict

There is always a six pack, an eight pack or more Diet Coke in my house; I drink between one and three every day. Usually I have enough to last the whole week or more. I always have something to drink when I really need the caffeine boost, but today there wasn't .I usually have … Continue reading Confessions of a caffeine addict