More Ritalin

My psychiatrist and I decided to test something this week, since I have been telling him that I'm very impulsive sometimes and I'm sleepy all day, every day. This, added to my concentration and memory problems make me loose my patience, especially when I'm at my tutoring job. While I was telling him about this … Continue reading More Ritalin

Remember it’s floor 9

I was at the hospital yesterday for my monthly appointment with the psychiatrist. I had not been there in what feels like and eternity, really it was like a month, but I have been having trouble remembering what floor of the hospital is the psychology office. It was early so I had time to stop … Continue reading Remember it’s floor 9

Good mental health, solved computer problem

I resolved my computer issues today. I went to the store with the intention of looking at computers, looking for the one that best fit my interests, needs, and what I could or was willing to pay. I was scared I wouldn't find anything today, especially since I couldn't spend all day doing this, as … Continue reading Good mental health, solved computer problem